4.5. Electric fan

On all injector engines the fan turns on from the processor control unit, under the influence of temperature sensor which will be screwed in the soaking-up collector (from a cover of chains). On cars with carburetor engines the fan turns on at operation of the thermoswitch which will be screwed in a thermostat cover. On cars with the conditioner and (or) automatic transmission two fans are provided.

Only the elementary check is independently allowed.


1. Warm up the engine and transfer to idling.
2. The fan has to turn on later no more than in 2 min. (the arrow of the index of temperature has to be on the edge of the red sector).
3. Otherwise stop the engine and disconnect the socket from the fan.
4. If the fan does not turn on at connection 12B directly on a socket conclusion, then the electric motor is faulty.
5. If the fan turns on at direct giving of tension, then conducting, the control unit or the thermoswitch is faulty (a check technique see in subsection 4.6.1).
6. Other checks are carried out in service of car service.


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Disconnect the socket from the electric motor.
3. Unscrew screws, lift and get the fan assembled with a casing.


Installation is carried out upside-down.