14. Electric equipment

The system of electric equipment of a body includes all bulbs of lighting, signal lights and headlights, system of screen wipers and windscreen washers, electric equipment of salon, and also switches and connecting wires.

The system of electric equipment has the working voltage of 12 Volts and negative grounding. Food for system of electric equipment arrives from the accumulator on 12 Volts which is recharged from the generator.

The system of electric equipment of the engine (the accumulator, the generator, starter, system of ignition, etc.) is described in section 7.


Before work with system of electric equipment read about the precautionary measures described below.

On later models the safety airbag is installed. During the work with system of electric equipment, read the precautionary measures described in subsection 14.19 to avoid possible injuries.

Precautionary measures

If the radio receiver / stereoplayer installed on the car has system of the coding (as, for example, the standard radio receiver), check before an accumulator detachment whether you know an activation code.

Before connecting wires to any of electric equipment elements, it is necessary to disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator to prevent possible short circuit and / or ignition.