2. Maintenance

Arrangement of knots and units in a motor compartment, the top view

1. Stopper of a maslozalivny mouth
2. The index of level of oil in the engine
3. Battery
4. Nutritious tank of the main brake cylinder
5. Assembly block of safety locks
and relay
6. Stopper of a jellied mouth of a radiator
7. Generator
8. Vacuum amplifier
9. Broad tank of cooling liquid
10. Fuel filter
11. Sensor of exhausts of gases
12. Air filter
13. Power steering tank
14. Electric motor of screenwash
15. Nutritious washer reservoir of a windshield

Type of a forward part of the car from below

1. Central longeron
2. Drain stopper of the oil pallet
3. Generator
4. Radiator fan
5. Support of the brake cylinder
6. Lower lever of a forward suspension bracket
7. Half shaft
8. Stabilizer of cross stability
9. Reception pipe of the muffler
10. Draft of the choice of transfers
11. Steering draft

Type of a back part of the car from the bottom

1. Fuel tank
2. Intermediate section of the muffler
3. Cable of the emergency brake
4. Back section of the muffler
5. Stabilizer of cross stability
6. Lever of a back suspension bracket
7. Longitudinal bar
8. Mouth of the fuel tank