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2.3. Service through each 30000 km or 12 months

On engines of the considered cars it is provided from one to three belts drive, depending on a complete set. Belts are intended for the drive of the following units:

  – on cars without power steering or the conditioner one belt (the drive of the generator and the pump of cooling liquid) is provided;  
 – on cars with the power steering two belts are provided (one for the generator drive, another – for the pump of the power steering and the pump of cooling liquid);
  – on cars with the power steering and the conditioner three belts are provided (purpose of two belts same, as at cars with the power steering and one belt for the conditioner compressor drive).

1. Put the car on the emergency brake, lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports. Remove the right forward wheel.
2. Working under a forward part of the car, unscrew screws and remove a plastic guard under a wing to get access to a crankshaft pulley. For expansion of working space it is possible to remove also in addition an engine mudguard, having unscrewed screws.
3. Turn the crankshaft the face head dressed on a pulley bolt so that it was possible to examine belts (or a belt) on all length. Check existence on belts of cracks, traces of a podgoraniye or mechanical damages. Check also existence on a belt of glossy sites and stratifications. At detection of damages or wear tracks replace a belt.
4. If a condition of a belt satisfactory, then check a belt tension one of the ways described below (depending on type and a complete set of the engine).