3.2.2. Dismantle and capital repairs of the engine

In this subsection the order of performance of such works as dismantle of the power unit from the car and capital repairs of a head of the block of cylinders, the block of cylinders / case of a bent shaft, and other details of the internal device of the engine in detail is considered.

In this subsection advice on preparation and the organization of works on capital repairs and acquisition of spare parts is given, and also procedures of dismantling of the engine, check of technical condition, repair and installation of knots and details of the engine are in detail described.

Since subsection the description is kept in the assumption that the engine is dismantled from the car. The description of types of repair without removal of the engine from the car, and also an order of removal and installation of knots and units of the engine necessary for performance of capital repairs is provided in corresponding subsection 3.2.1 and further, and also in subsections,,, After removal of the engine performance of the preliminary operations on dismantling described in subsection 3.2.1 and further until the end of the section loses meaning.

All standard data necessary for capital repairs are provided in subsection, except for the inhaling moments which are specified in subsection