6.2.12. Case of a butterfly valve


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove the air filter.
3. Press on brackets and disconnect sockets from a potentiometer of a butterfly valve, the air perepuskny valve, the measuring instrument of a stream and the valve of the proofreader of idling.
4. Disconnect a drive cable from a butterfly valve, release nuts and remove a cable cover from an arm.
5. Disconnect kick cable - down - the mode (on the car with automatic transmission).
6. Designate all vacuum and air hoses and disconnect them from the gate case.
7. Disconnect hoses of cooling liquid from the gate case, quickly having muffled them.
8. Turn off bolts (are specified by shooters) and remove the case of the gate and laying.
9. Muffle an opening in a collector.


1. Installation is carried out upside-down.
2. Clear demountable surfaces, replace laying and tighten bolts in 2 stages with the set moment.
3. Check correctness of connection of hoses and wires, in reliability of their fastening.