6.2.9. Fuel level sensor


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove a pillow of a back seat (see subsection 13.23).
3. Unscrew screws two bolts and get a viewing cover.
4. Disconnect the socket of conducting from the sensor and attach to a body an adhesive tape.
5. Depressurize fuel system, designate, disconnect and muffle fuel hoses in the top part of the sensor.
6. Designate position of the sensor (if there is an arrow, then it has to be turned on the car course forward).
7. Turn off a cap nut easy blows to the screw-driver rested against nut vents.
8. On a part of cars for removal of the sensor it is necessary to turn off bolts.
9. Carefully lift the sensor, disconnect in a tank the pump from a bracket, having pressed on a bracket, and get the sensor assembled with the pump.
10. Remove laying.
11. Disconnect a hose in the lower part and separate the pump from the sensor.
12. Wash out the filter and attentively examine. At a contamination or damages replace the filter.


1. Installation is carried out upside-down.
2. Replace a sealing ring, reliably fix the pump, before assembly combine tags on the sensor and a tank.
3. Be convinced of reliability and correctness of accession of all hoses.