65637bd9 System of injection of fuel

On all models with multipoint system of injection the combined system of injection of fuel / ignition (a control system of operation of the engine) which is often designated as ECCS (The electronic concentrated control system of the engine) is installed.

For obtaining more detailed information on system of ignition you watch subsection 7.7.

The system of injection of fuel works as follows:

The fuel pump installed in the fuel tank gives fuel from the fuel tank to a fuel collector via the filter installed on a back wall of a motive compartment.

Pressure in fuel system is controlled by pressure regulator which is installed sideways a fuel collector.

The regulator of pressure rises in order that excess fuel could return to the fuel tank when pressure in fuel system exceeds optimum.

The gasoline which is not containing tetraethyllead

The fuel recommended for use is specified in the section of technical characteristics (see subsection

For all Nissan Sunny models it is recommended to use gasoline with the minimum octane number 95 (by a research method).

For all models with the catalytic converter it is necessary to use only the gasoline which is not containing tetraethyllead.

It is forbidden to use the gasoline containing tetraethyllead as it can lead to damage of the catalytic converter.

On models without catalytic converter it is possible to use both types of fuel.