6.3.1. Models with single-point electronic injection of fuel

The power supply system consists of the fuel tank installed under the bottom in a back part of the car, the electric fuel pump installed in the fuel tank, the fuel filter, the pipeline of supply of fuel and the return pipeline, and also the case of a butterfly valve (in which one fuel injector is established). Also, the electronic control unit and its sensors, electric elements and connecting wires enters a power supply system. The air filter is installed from above cases of a butterfly valve and has the filtering element replaced paper.


When carrying out many operations it is necessary to remove or disconnect fuel tubes that can lead to fuel leak. Gasoline is very dangerous and flying liquid and during the work with it extra care is required.

Residual pressure remains in fuel tubes for a long time after the car was in the movement. Before a detachment of any fuel tubes release pressure from fuel system, being guided by the instructions provided in subsection