65637bd9 Thermal vacuum valve

The thermal vacuum valve on models with the carburetor engine

The thermal vacuum valve (it is specified by an arrow) is located on the right side of an inlet collector.


1. The thermal vacuum valve is located on the right side of the inlet collector. The engine and an inlet collector have to be cold at removal of the valve.
2. Merge a part of cooling liquid from the cooling system (see subsection 2.4.5) in order that its level fell slightly below than the valve, or prepare a suitable cap to stop up an opening in an inlet collector after removal of the valve. If you decided to use a cap, try not to damage a collector and do not use anything of that kind that will allow foreign objects or substances to get to the cooling system.
3. Disconnect both hoses from the valve.
4. Accurately unscrew the valve from an inlet collector and remove a sealing ring (if it is established).
5. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. At installation use a new sealing ring (if it is necessary). If the sealing ring was not established on the valve, grease its carving with sealant before installation.