65637bd9 System of recirculation of exhaust gases


Models with the carburetor engine
1. If you consider that the system is faulty, disconnect hoses from the valve of recirculation, the valve of counter-pressure and the thermal vacuum valve and blow them. If hoses are not littered, connect them back.
2. Operations of check of the thermal vacuum valve are described in the item 2 of subsection
3. For recirculation valve check, disconnect a vacuum hose from above of the valve and connect other hose to a valve branch pipe. Pull in yourself air from a hose; check that the diaphragm of the valve rose, and quickly returned back when you cease to pull air. Work of a diaphragm can be checked, having touched by a finger of the lower party of the valve where the movement of a diaphragm is felt. If the diaphragm goes hard or at all does not move, the valve of recirculation needs to be replaced.
4. If you are sure that thermal vacuum the valve it is serviceable, the valve of counter-pressure can be checked as follows. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature and disconnect a vacuum hose from the recirculation valve. Close a finger an opening of the disconnected hose and quickly increase the speed of operation of the engine. When the speed of operation of the engine (and pressure of exhaust gases) increases, at a tube there has to be a depression. When the speed of operation of the engine falls, receipt of depression in a hose has to stop the counter-pressure valve. If it not so, the valve is faulty, and it needs to be replaced.
All models with system of injection of fuel
5. The system of recirculation can be checked as it was described in subitem 1-4, missing information concerning the thermal vacuum valve. Together the thermal vacuum valve on these models the operating electromagnetic valve is installed. This electromagnetic valve is the same valve as what operates operation of the control system on release of vapors of fuel from fuel system, and it can be checked as it is described in subitem 2-5 of subsection