1.10. The combined switch of driving and passing beam

Change of passing beam on distant and back


Near and far light


Indexes of the right and left turns


For inclusion of lighting turn the button at the end of the lever.

First situation: only parking illumination, tail light, illumination of registration plate and illumination of a guard of devices join.

Second situation: also headlights join.

For inclusion of driving beam press the lever forward. For inclusion of passing beam install the lever in the opposite direction. For inclusion of a light signaling device install the lever further away in the direction back.

The control lamp in a guard of devices indicates that driving beam is turned on. The light signal can be included even if the switch of a headlight is not switched on.

For inclusion of the blinking index shift the switching lever up or down.

After driving through the curvilinear site the blinking light index automatically switches in the neutral situation. However when changing a strip of the road you should return the alarm system switch to an initial position manually. About change of a strip of the road it is possible to give a signal as follows: shift the switch of the blinking index in the desirable direction only a little and then hold it with a hand.

If in a guard of devices the green bulb starts blinking quicker, than usually, then it demonstrates that the glow lamp of a lobby or the back blinking alarm system fused. If the control lamp does not flash at all, obviously, the safety lock or a control lamp fused.