1.4. The AM-UKV radio receiver with electronic control

The AM-UKV radio receiver with electronic control

1. Button of automatic configuration
2. Regulirvka of a timbre
3. Handle of turning on of the receiver, regulator of loudness and balance of the left and right loudspeakers
4. Control with reception reduction in the frequency
5. Control button
6. Control with increase in frequency of reception
7. Button of the choice of the AM or WC mode (VHF)
8. Button of the choice of range
9. Display
10. Knpka of the choice of a stereo / mono

1. Turn on the receiver, having turned the PWR.VOL handle clockwise.
2. Adjust loudness, further turning the PWR.VOL handle.
3. Be adjusted on the necessary station (see subsection 1.4.2, subsection 1.4.3).
4. For reception of VHF (FM) - radio station switch to the mode of reception of VHF (FM), choose the stereo mode - or monophonic reception.
If transfer on a VHF stereo is accepted, then the receiver will automatically switch to reception of a stereo, at the same time on the display ST symbol will appear. If a signal weak, then switch to the monophonic mode, having pressed the corresponding button. On the display MONO symbol will appear.
5. Adjust a timbre and balance (see subsection 1.4.5, subsection 1.4.6).
6. To switch off the receiver, turn the PWR.VOL handle counterclockwise.