10.3. Installation of a half shaft


At assembly are subject to obligatory replacement: the half shaft nut, a lock ring of the internal CV JOINT all the removed forelocks, nuts of the lower spherical support.


1. Check a condition of an epiploon of a half shaft, the epiploon is recommended to be replaced.
2. Carefully clear half shaft vents, grease vents and an edge of an epiploon.
3. Check reliability of fastening of collars of covers.
4. Replace an internal lock ring (which was exposed to deformation at removal).
5. At installation of a half shaft be careful, do not damage an epiploon.
6. At lubricant of an epiploon and shlits the half shaft can be established, without using devices.
The right half shaft on cars of early release (the intermediate support is absent)
7. Carefully, without having damaged an epiploon, enter a half shaft into differential.
8. Enter vents into gearing with vents of the leading gear wheel, press a half shaft so that the lock ring came into a flute of the leading gear wheel.
9. Make sure that the ring came into a flute, with a force having shaken a half shaft.
The right half shaft on cars with an intermediate support
10. Carefully, without having damaged an epiploon enter a half shaft into differential, having passed through a window in an arm.
11. Combine openings under bolts and insert the bearing case.
12. Tighten bolts with the set moment.
The left half shaft on all cars, except equipped with automatic transmission
13. The procedure is same, as at installation of the right half shaft.
The left half shaft on cars with automatic transmission
14. The procedure is same, as at installation of the right half shaft. At first the left, then right half shaft is established.
All cars
15. Grease external vents of a half shaft and insert into a nave.
16. Dress a washer and wrap a new nut.
17. Insert a spherical support into a pin and tighten a nut with the set moment.
18. Attach a tip of steering draft, tighten a nut.
19. Tighten a nut of steering draft so that it was possible to insert the forelock, without exceeding the set inhaling moment.
20. Zashplintuyte nut.
21. Establish a brake support.
22. Tighten a new nut of a half shaft with the set moment, holding a nave from a provorachivaniye.
23. Establish a new koronchaty lock washer, having combined a groove under the forelock with an opening in a half shaft, and a zashplintuyta.
24. Establish wheels, lower the car.
25. Fill in in a case oil / transmission liquid.