10.5. Check of CV JOINTS

1. If when checking (see subsection suspicion on wear of the CV JOINT appears, then arrive as follows.
2. Take off a wheel cap.
3. Take off a cap of a wheel and check a half shaft nut inhaling.
4. If there are indications that the nut is tightened insufficiently, then get the forelock, a lock washer and a pro-rate.
5. Check an inhaling a dynamometer key, establish into place the removed details and a zashplintuyta by the new forelock.
6. Execute these operations on other wheel.
7. Slowly circling with completely turned out wheel, check whether clicks of "metal on metal" from a forward part of the car will appear.
8. Completely turn out a wheel in other party and again listen.
9. If metal clicks sound, then the external hinge of a half shaft is worn-out.
10. If vibrations which amplify at dispersals are listened, then the internal hinge is worn-out.
11. For check of wear of the hinge remove and sort a half shaft and check all side plays and a condition of hinges.
12. The hinge changes only assembled.