65637bd9 Pistons and rods


1. Remove chains, a head of cylinders and the oil pallet.
2. If in the top part of cylinders the fillet was formed, then it should be removed development or a shaber, without having damaged at the same time a cylinder wall. Formation of a fillet indicates the increased wear of the cylinder.
3. On a rod and on a cover of a rod number of the cylinder (it is specified by shooters), to which this rod belongs has to be stamped. The N1 cylinder is from a forward cover. If numbers are not visible, then put them with paint or a nakernita. To put tags on a pro-polished side surface of a rod and a cover.
4. Install pistons of the 1st and 4th cylinder in the provision of NMT.
5. Turn off nuts of a conrod cover of a rod of the 1st cylinder. Uncover and get the lower connecting rod. If the insert is established again, then paste it an adhesive tape to uncovered.
6. Stick with a tape of a carving of bolts of a conrod cover.
7. The handle of the hammer push the piston in the cylinder and get the piston through the top part of the block of cylinders. Remove the top connecting rod and paste it an adhesive tape to the removed rod.
8. Put a cover on a rod and fix by nuts, without breaking a former assembly order of details.
9. Having repeated the specified operations, remove a rod with the piston of the 4th cylinder.
10. Similarly get rods with pistons from the 2nd and 3rd cylinder.