65637bd9 Head of the block of cylinders


1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders (see subsection
2. Remove the soaking-up and final collectors if these details are not removed yet.
3. Remove levers of valves and adjusting washers.
4. Squeeze a spring of the first valve by means of adaptation and remove crackers. Carefully release a valve spring, remove a plate springs, a spring and a basic washer. Remove oil scraper caps from the directing plugs.
5. For removal of a plate slightly knock on adaptation with the hammer with soft brisk.
6. Get the valve from the combustion chamber.
7. The valve should be stored together with crackers, a spring, a plate of a spring and a basic washer. Keep in mind that the N1 valve is near a forward cover.


1. Establish a basic washer of a spring, dip an oil scraper cap into fresh oil for the engine and dress on a core of the valve and on the plug.
2. Oil cores of valves fresh for the engine and install valves in the corresponding guides of the plug on a head of cylinders, observing an order of initial installation. New valves should be installed in those saddles to which they were ground in.
3. Establish a spring on a basic washer, having oriented so that densely wound rounds of a spring were turned down.
4. Install a plate of a spring.
5. Squeeze adaptation of a spring and insert crackers into a flute on a valve core.


To hold crackers in valve flutes at removal of adaptation, grease crackers with jellied lubricant.

6. After installation of all valves turn a head of cylinders and besiege details of the valvate mechanism easy blows of the hammer through a wooden pro-rate on cores of valves.