65637bd9 Crankshaft

1. Remove the oil pallet, a chain (or chains) and a flywheel.
2. Remove rods with pistons.


If with pistons and rods no repair work is performed, then to remove a head of cylinders and conrod and piston group there is no need. Pistons should be pushed only towards combustion chambers.

3. Check an axial side play of the crankshaft (see subsection then execute the following operations.
4. Turn off bolts and remove the holder of a back epiploon. When weakening of the directing pins remove them and you store together with the holder.
5. Covers of radical bearings have to be numbered from 1 to 5, since a forward cover (arrow). If numbers are absent, then put with white paint of a tag which correspond to serial number of a cover and define its orientation.
6. In the sequence, return specified in the drawing, turn off bolts of fastening of covers of radical bearings, doing 1/2 turns for reception. Get bolts.
7. Uncover and get inserts of radical bearings. Paste a tape each insert to the corresponding cover.
8. Carefully get the crankshaft, at the same time the shift of the top inserts of radical bearings is not allowed.
9. Get the top radical inserts from the block of cylinders. Paste a tape each insert to the corresponding cover. Remove persistent half rings from the 3rd insert.