4.6.3. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid

The sensor is mounted in a back part of a head of cylinders (from a flywheel).

The sensor represents the thermoresistor fed by the stabilized tension and is switched on in an index chain.


1. In process of liquid heating current via the sensor increases and the arrow of the index has to deviate to the right. The faulty sensor should be replaced.
2. At incorrect indications of temperature check operation of other devices.
3. If devices do not work, then check a dashboard power-supply circuit.
4. In case of wrong indications of all devices replace the voltage stabilizer (it is mounted on the printed circuit board of the dashboard).
5. If only the index of temperature is faulty, then arrive as follows.
6. In case of the underestimated indications disconnect a wire from the sensor and concern weight.
7. If at the included ignition of the shooter deviates, then the sensor is faulty.
8. If indications do not change, then remove the dashboard (see subsection 14.9) and check conducting from the sensor to the index and index food.
9. If food moves and conducting is correct, then the index is faulty.
10. In case of the overestimated indications disconnect a wire from the sensor.
11. If on the cold engine of the shooter deviates in the left part of a scale, then the sensor is faulty.
12. If indications did not change, then check other part of a chain.


On some cars for access to the sensor it is required to disconnect or take aside hoses and conducting.

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. On the cooled-down engine merge a part of liquid to thermoswitch level.
3. Disconnect the thermoswitch socket.
4. Carefully turn out the thermoswitch, remove a sealant (if it is provided).


1. Clear the thermoswitch and apply sealant on a carving.
2. Replace a sealant (if it is provided).
3. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.