6.1.3. Air stream temperature regulator

The temperature regulator is intended for giving in the engine of heated-up air. Overlapping of the channel of cold air on the cold engine is provided with the gate connected to a vacuum diaphragm.

In process of an engine warming up the vacuum channel of a diaphragm is gradually blocked by the vacuum thermobimetallic valve, the gate is partially slightly opened and in the engine cold air begins to move.


1. For check disconnect on the cold engine an air duct from the filter, – the gate has to close the channel of hot air completely.
2. After launch of the engine the gate has to close at once the channel of cold air and further gradually open.
3. For check of the vacuum thermobimetallic valve disconnect and muffle a vacuum tube. On the cold engine strong depression has to be felt, on warmed up depression has to be absent.
4. For check of a temperature regulator remove it and disconnect a vacuum tube. At absorption via the union the gate has to close the channel of cold air.
5. Replace the faulty vacuum valve and a temperature regulator.

Replacement of the vacuum valve

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Unbend brackets and remove the vacuum valve (it is specified by an arrow).
3. Remove and examine a sealant.
4. Dress a sealant and install the valve.
5. Reliably fix the valve, having bent brackets.
6. Install the filter.

Replacement of the gate of a temperature regulator

1. Remove the air filter and a nozzle.
2. Unscrew three screws and get a temperature regulator, disconnect a hose.
3. Unscrew screws and remove a diaphragm.
4. Install a new diaphragm on the gate of the regulator and tighten screws.
5. Attach a hose and install the regulator, tighten screws.
6. Install the filter.