13:23. Seats

Removal and installation

Front seat
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Displace a seat forward to the full by means of the regulator.
3. Remove a slip from an external guide of a seat.
4. Unscrew the screw and remove a slip from an internal guide.
5. Turn off back bolts of a seat.
6. Displace a seat to the full back and turn off forward bolts.
7. Incline a seatback and disconnect the socket under a seat.
8. Remove a seat.
Pillow of a back seat
1. Put a back, turn off bolts and nuts of fastening of the hinge to a floor and remove a seat pillow with hinges.
2. Establish a pillow upside-down.
Armrest of a back seat
1. Cast away a pillow forward and a back.
2. Unscrew screws in the lower part of the roller, unhook an armrest and remove.
3. Establish an armrest upside-down.