65637bd9 Accelerator rope


1. Unhook a cable from a cam on the case of a butterfly valve.
2. Turn off cable cover nuts to an arm and get a cable cover from an arm (the arrow showed an adjusting nut of a cable of a butterfly valve).
3. Release a cable on all route of laying.
4. In salon remove the lower panel from the driver.
5. Disconnect a cable from a pedal.
6. Turn off nuts of fastening of a cover to a partition of a motor compartment and get a cable, having stretched in a motor compartment.


1. Pass a cable through a partition of a motor compartment.
2. Stretch a cable in a motor compartment and lay in the place.
3. Fix by nuts a cable cover on a partition of a motor compartment.
4. Attach a cable to a pedal.
5. Install the lower panel.
6. Fix a cable cover on all route.
7. Attach a cable to a cam on an axis of a butterfly valve.
8. Adjust a cable.


1. Release adjusting nuts, be convinced that the cam rests against the limiter.
2. Tighten a distant nut as soon as the cam starts moving release a nut on 1,5–2 turns and tighten a lock-nut.
3. Ask the assistant to press a pedal and check smoothness of movement of a cam.