65637bd9 Valve of recirculation of exhaust gases

Elements of the valve of recirculation of exhaust gases – models with the 1,6 l engine (other models are similar)

1. Recirculation tube

2. Counter-pressure valve tube

3. Vacuum tube

4. Fixing nuts


1. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the recirculation valve which is installed on the left side of an inlet collector. If it is necessary, remove the air filter for improvement of access to the valve. On some models access can be improved if to remove still the counter-pressure valve (see subsection
2. Turn off nuts of connection and disconnect a tube of recirculation and a tube of the valve of counter-pressure from the recirculation valve.
3. Turn off and remove two fixing nuts / a bolt and a washer and remove the valve from an inlet collector. Remove laying and you will throw out it.
4. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. At installation use new laying.