9.1.5. Backing signal switch

Switch arrangement

The switch of plunger type, will screw in a check point case bottom on the left side.

Check, removal and installation

1. Before check of the switch be convinced of integrity of a safety lock.
2. Disconnect the socket in the top part of a case and check a chain between switch conclusions.
3. Contacts of the switch have to be closed only at neutral position of the lever.
4. Otherwise check conducting.
5. If conducting is correct, then replace the switch.
6. To remove the switch lift a back part of the car and establish on supports, merge oil from the check point.
7. Find and disconnect the switch socket from a plait.
8. Turn out the switch.
9. Clear a carving of a case and grease a carving of the new switch with sealant.
10. Screw the switch.
11. Tighten the switch and attach the socket.
12. Lower the car, fill in oil in the check point.