9.1.6. Speedometer reducer

The reducer of a speedometer is near the right half shaft.


1. Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Turn off a cap nut and disconnect a speedometer cable.
3. Turn off a bolt.
4. Get a reducer and a sealing ring.
5. If necessary beat out a pin, remove a gear wheel and a persistent washer (shooters specified a pin and a sealing ring).
6. Check all details.
7. Replace a sealing ring.
8. If it is necessary to replace a persistent washer, then keep in mind that thickness of a new washer has to be equal to thickness replaced.
9. At detection of defects of a gear wheel of a reducer check also a condition of the leading gear wheel in the check point.
10. For replacement of the leading gear wheel of a reducer it is necessary to sort the check point and to remove differential therefore these works should be performed in service of car service.


1. Collect a reducer and press a new pin.
2. Replace a sealing ring, establish a reducer at the check point and tighten a bolt.
3. Attach a speedometer cable, wrap a nut.
4. Lower the car.