14.7. Devices of external lighting


At removal of any light device disconnect the battery from weight.

Removal and installation

Headlights (sedan and hatchback)
1. Remove a plafond of the index of turns.
2. Remove a forward lattice.
3. Disconnect sockets.
4. Unscrew two side screws.
5. Turn off two back nuts.
6. Get a headlight.
7. Installation is carried out upside-down. Believe reliability of fastening of installation of the lower hinge Believe adjustment of headlights (see subsection 14.8).
Plafond of the forward index of turn
8. See subsection 14.5 (on a photo the socket of the forward index of turn is shown).
Plafond of the forward repeater of turn
9. See subsection 14.5.
Forward fog lights
10. See subsection 14.5.
11. See subsection 14.5.
Block of back lamps
12. Remove the holder of lamps.
13. Turn off four nuts (a photo at the left), remove an arm (a photo on the right).
14. Get the block of back lamps. The block fastens sticky sealant.
15. Clear the block of lamps and an edge of an aperture of a body of the sealant remains.
16. Apply sealant on an edge of the block of lamps.
17. Install the block of lamps upside-down.