14:15. Details of screen wipers

Removal and installation

1. Turn a tank mouth clockwise and remove.
2. Disconnect the battery from weight.
3. Lift a forward part of the car.
4. Remove the protective panel of a wing.
5. Disconnect sockets from a tank.
6. Disconnect hoses from a tank.
7. Get conducting from brackets and take aside.
8. Unscrew screws and get a tank through a wheel niche.
9. Install a tank upside-down.
Tank and pump
10. Perform operations on subitem 2-4.
11. Disconnect a hose and the socket from the pump.
12. Remove the pump.
13. Install the pump upside-down.
Windshield nozzle
14. Open a cowl.
15. Unbend latches and get a nozzle.
16. Establish a nozzle upside-down.
Nozzle of back glass (hatchback)
17. The nozzle is built in the brush lever. Unscrew the screw, disconnect a hose and remove a nozzle.
18. Establish a nozzle upside-down.