14.4. Switches


At removal of any switch disconnect the battery from weight.

Removal and installation

Switch of ignition and lock of a wheel
1. You watch subsection 12.10.
Combination of switches on a steering column
2. Remove overlays of a steering column.
3. Remove the necessary switch from an arm (a photo at the left), having given on themselves, having opened the socket (a photo on the right).
4. The switch is installed upside-down.
Push-button switches in a middle part of the forward panel
5. Remove a middle part of the panel.
6. Disconnect sockets from switches.
7. Give the switch forward and get.
8. Assembly is carried out upside-down.
Heater fan switch
9. Remove the control panel of a heater (see subsection 5.1.1).
10. Get the handle of control of the fan.
11. Release latches (two below and one above) and get the switch.
12. Install the switch upside-down.
Switches from the driver
13. The switch of the drive of a mirror, lighting of the dashboard, forward fog lights belong to these switches.
14. Remove a dashboard casing with a ventilating nozzle.
15. Working under the panel, release latches and get the switch. Disconnect the socket.
16. At assembly insert the switch before click. Establish a dashboard casing with a ventilating nozzle.
Window regulator electric drive switch
17. Hook and get the switch and disconnect the socket. The socket fastens a bracket from within therefore it can be necessary to remove the door panel.
18. Install the door panel, insert the switch before click.
Hatch drive switch
19. Carefully, having wound an edge of the PHV-thin screw-driver with a tape, hook the switch which is in the hatch drive case.
20. Disconnect the socket and get the switch.
21. Assembly is carried out upside-down.
Trailer switches of the alarm system of the door which is leaky closed a door / plafond of lighting
22. Open a door. The switch is on a forward rack of a doorway.
23. Unscrew screws and get the switch, disconnect the socket.
24. Install the switch upside-down. Check correctness of installation of a sealant.