2.4.1. Replacement of the air filter

1. Turn off a nut (or nuts) and a bolt of fastening of a cover of the air filter (are specified by shooters).
2. Take spring latches of a cover of the air filter to the parties.
3. Remove a cover of the air filter (on a photo – a cover of the air filter of the injector engine). It can be necessary for removal of a cover of the filter to disconnect the air duct case from a cover.
4. Get the filtering element, having paid attention to its initial orientation in the filter case (a photo at the left – removal of the filtering element on carburetor engines, a photo on the right – on injector).
5. Wipe dry the internal surface of the case of the filter with pure rags to remove all traces of dirt.
6. Insert the new filtering element, it is previously correct it having oriented and having tracked correctness of installation in the filter case.
7. Establish a cover of the air filter and fix by spring latches. Tighten a nut and a bolt.