2.4.2. Check of system of ignition


Tension developed by system of ignition much more exceeds tension from other systems of the car. When working with the included ignition it is necessary to observe extra care. Persons at whom the pacemaker is implanted are forbidden to work near chains and devices of system of ignition, and also the control and measuring equipment.

The state and serviceability of devices and devices of system of ignition should be checked, being guided by the description in the corresponding subsections.

General check

1. High-voltage wires of spark plugs it is necessary to check every time when replacing candles. If necessary uncover the ignition distributor.
2. Before a detachment of high-voltage wires be convinced that on them there is a numbering indicating wire belonging to this cylinder.
3. Remove wires, holding tips but not a wire, in order to avoid a separation of the carrying-out wire vein from a tip
4. Check existence of corrosion in tips, corrosion usually is found in the form of white powder. Again put a tip into place, and be convinced of reliability of its fastening on a candle. If contact unreliable, then remove a tip and carefully turn in an adapter in a tip, having achieved dense fitting of a conclusion of a candle.
5. Wipe dry all wire. It is forbidden to bend excessively a wire or to extend.
6. Disconnect the opposite end of a wire from the ignition distributor, having pulled for a tip. Check existence of corrosion in a tip from the distributor and reliability of fastening of a wire, having arrived just as and when checking a tip from a candle. Measure wire resistance, having connected an ohmmeter to a conclusion from a candle and to the segment platform in a distributor cover. After check put a wire into place.
7. Check other wires in the same order.
8. If it is required to replace high-voltage wires, then get a set of new wires which type corresponds to the car and the engine.
9. Unscrew screws of fastening of a cover of the distributor. Remove a cover and a sealant. Wipe a cover absolutely and check existence in and outside of a cover of cracks, traces of superficial breakdown (the thin charred paths), wear and a podgoraniye of contacts.
10. Check wear of pieces of coal, freedom of their movement under the influence of springs and reliability of contact with the runner. Check also a condition of a sealant of a cover of the distributor, at detection of damages replace a sealant. Unscrew screws and remove the runner from the distributor roller, check a condition of the runner.
11. When replacing high-voltage wires it is recommended to replace the runner and a cover of the distributor. When replacing disconnect a wire from an old cover and insert into a new cover on the same place from which it was taken on an old cover. It is forbidden to get at the same time from an old cover two and more wires, otherwise their wrong installation and violation of an operating procedure of cylinders is possible.
12. Reliably press the runner on the distributor roller, tighten the screw. Lay laying and establish a distributor cover, tighten screws. Establish a cap.
13. Even if the condition of the distributor does not cast any doubts, on some engines the complicated start-up can be observed nevertheless sometimes that is caused by hit of moisture in a detail of system of ignition. In this case an effective measure is application of the aerosols providing moisture dispersion, or drawing a water-repellent tight covering.

Check and installation of the moment of ignition

Ignition moment procedure for test see in subsection 7.7.7.