65637bd9 Order of dismantling and assembly of the engine

Block of cylinders, crankshaft and conrod and piston group

1. Flywheel bolt
2. Flywheel
3. Assembly plate
4. Epiploon
5. Holder of an epiploon
6. Block of cylinders
7. The directing pins and laying
8. Piston rings
9. Lock rings
10. Porshnevy finger
11. Piston
12. Rod
13. Radical inserts and persistent half rings
14. Crankshaft
15. Rod cover
16. Covers of radical bearings
17. Oil pallet
18. Drain stopper

1. It is recommended to disassemble the engine at the special stand.
2. If there is no stand, then fix the engine on the flat platform.
3. If the restored engine is bought, then it is necessary to remove all hinged units and to install them subsequently just in the same order as well as at independent capital repairs. To such units (see rice. The block of cylinders, the crankshaft and conrod and piston group) belong:

  – the generator and arms of the pump of the hydraulic booster and (or) compressor of the conditioner (depending on a complete set);
  – distributor of ignition, candle and high-voltage wires;
  – pump of cooling liquid and hoses of the thermostat and radiator;
  – details of the carburetor or system of injection of fuel;
  – all sensors and electromagnetic valves with conducting;
  – the soaking-up and final collectors;
  – the fuel pump – for carburetor engines;
  – engine mount details;
  – flywheel / drive plate of the hydrotransformer.


Before removal of hinged units apply tags on laying, epiploons and other details to facilitate assembly.

4. If the block of cylinders of an incomplete complete set is installed (i.e. the block of cylinders with picked up and installed by the krivoshipno-conrod mechanism and piston group), then it is also necessary to remove a head of the block of cylinders, the oil pallet, the oil pump and chains.

5. If it is planned to make capital repairs with full dismantling, then the engine should be disassembled completely the following order:

  – the soaking-up and final collectors;
  – oil pallet;
  – chains and asterisks;
  – head of the block of cylinders;
  – flywheel;
  – conrod and piston group;
  – crankshaft.

6. Before dismantling prepare the necessary equipment and tools.