65637bd9 Additional valve of air supply


The additional valve of air supply is not on sale separately. If the valve is faulty, it is necessary to replace all block of adjustment of air supply during the operation of the engine in the idling mode. This block fastens to an inlet collector and turns on the additional valve of air supply, the electromagnetic valve of increase in speed of operation of the engine in the mode of idling and the adjusting screw of speed of idling.

The additional valve of air supply is located on the right side of an inlet collector.

Before its removal, disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator.

Removal and installation

1. Disconnect the connection socket from the electromagnetic valve.
2. Turn off fixing screws, then, remove the valve from an inlet collector together with a plunger and a spring.
3. Check a plunger of the valve and a spring for existence of wear tracks or damages, and replace them if it is necessary.
4. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. Check correctness of installation of a plunger and spring.