7.7.2. Check of system of ignition


Observe the security measures excluding electric defeat. Before connection of devices disconnect ignition.


Refusals of ignition are, as a rule, caused by pollution of contacts or breakdown on a surface.

Check of ignition is forbidden by a consecutive detachment of high-voltage wires.

1. At start-up refusal first of all check battery tension at inclusion of a starter, having disconnected and having connected a high-voltage wire of the coil to weight. If tension less than 9,5 In, then check the battery and system of a charge.
2. At normal turns of a starter connect a stroboscope and define presence of tension on candles. If flashes of a stroboscope are observed, then it is necessary to check candles. Otherwise check a condition of wires, covers of the distributor, a piece of coal and the runner.
3. If there is a spark, then check the carburetor.
4. In the absence of a spark check tension on a conclusion "+" coils (11,7 B). If voltage below 11 V, then check all power-supply circuit, including a safety lock and connections with weight.
5. If tension normal, then check the ignition coil (resistance of windings, reliability of contacts, especially low-voltage).
6. If the coil is serviceable, then the electronic switchboard is faulty (is checked and under repair in car service).
7. Check the thermal vacuum valve. Disconnect the damping valve and blow, – air has to pass freely from the distributor.
8. If the engine works with interruptions, then check low-voltage and high-voltage chains.
9. Check reliability of contacts and resistance of primary chain.
10. Check a condition of a cover of the distributor, candles (by their mutual substitution), the runner and a piece of coal.
11. Check a stroboscope presence of tension on all candles and wires.
12. In the absence of tension it is necessary to check wires or a cover of the distributor for parts of wires.
13. At total absence of high voltage check the ignition coil.


1. At failure of the system of ignition it is necessary to check a condition of the air filter, candles, adjustment of a cable of the gate, a compression and gaps in valves.
2. Check of system of ignition of these engines comes down to definition of a corner of an advancing, check of reliability of sockets on the control unit and fastenings of wires.
3. On injector engines it is necessary to use the self-diagnostics mode.
4. If malfunction is not found, then the car should be handed over in service of car service.