14.2.1. Rupture of a chain

For search of a rupture of a chain connect one of probes of a control bulb to the negative plug of the accumulator or (mass) of the car.

Connect the second probe to connection in the checked chain, it is desirable located as it is possible closer to the accumulator or a safety lock.

Give tension on a chain. Do not forget that tension is only present at some chains if to turn a key in the ignition lock in a certain situation.

If tension is present (what the lit-up control bulb or indications of the voltmeter will testify to), it means that a part of a chain between connection and the accumulator is serviceable.

Continue check of other part of a chain in the same way.

When you find a point where tension is absent, it means that the source of malfunction lies between this point and the last point where tension was present. The majority of problems is caused by bad connection.