1.12.3. Detection of the place of a leak

Formation of pools on the parking lot of the car, liquid traces under a cowl or on details in the lower part of the car indicate leaks and need of search of the reason. Sometimes it is very difficult to define the place of dribble, especially if the motor compartment and the engine in itself are covered with dirt. Smudges of oil or liquid in the lower part of the car can communicate an air stream at the movement back and mislead rather true place of a leak.

Oil pallet

Oil can leak from a drain stopper of the pallet.

Dribble of oil from the filter

Oil can leak from under an oil filter.


Gearbox oil can leak from epiploons of half shafts in the place of an exit from a protective cover of a differntsial.


Antifreeze leak often it is possible определитьпо for such crystal deposits.

Brake fluid

Dribble of brake fluid leaves marks on the tire.

Steering hydraulic actuator liquid

Leaks of liquid from a hydraulic actuator of steering can develop from unions.