1.12.7. The recommended lubricants and liquids

Oil for the engine
All-weather engine oil, viscosity on SAE 10W/40 to 20W/50, or is not worse than SG/CD on API classification
Cooling liquid
Antifreeze on the basis of ethylene glycol in mix with water with the small content of salts
Manual transmission
Gipoidny oil, with viscosity from SAE 80W to GL-4 on API classification
Automatic transmission
Liquid for automatic transmission of Dexron type II
Liquid of a hydraulic actuator of brakes
Liquid for the hydraulic actuator SAE J1703F or DOT4
Liquid for the power steering
Liquid of automatic transmission Dexron II
Pressure in cold tires (atm):
  – for cars the sedan and the hatchback:
     • 155 SR13
2,2 (lobbies), 2,0 (back)
     • 175/70 R13 82H
2,2 (lobbies), 2,0 (back)
  – for cars with a compartment body:
     • 175/65 R14 82H
2,2 (lobbies), 2,0 (back)