12:15. Pump of the hydraulic booster


1. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Take off a pump drive belt.
3. Turn off a bolt of the ring union of high pressure, disconnect a hose from the pump.
4. Merge liquid.
5. Disconnect the union of the return highway.
6. Turn off bolts and remove an arm of a natyazhitel.
7. Turn a pump pulley that one of openings of a pulley was combined with a coupling bolt.
8. Turn off a nut of a coupling bolt and remove washers.
9. Get a coupling bolt, holding the pump, and get the pump.
10. On a part of cars it is required to turn off bolts of an arm and to remove the pump, having lowered down.


1. The pump is installed upside-down.
2. Replace laying of the union of high pressure, adjust a belt tension.