12:11. Steering column


The present description does not belong to the cars equipped with a safety cushion.


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove switches with levers (cm. subsection 14.4).
4. Disconnect the socket from the ignition switch.
5. Remove the lower panel from the driver.
6. Get and pull together a column sealant in a partition of a motor compartment.
7. Remove a metal cover from a partition of a motor compartment, having turned off three nuts (on a part of cars).
8. Dress a wheel and turn a shaft for access to a bolt of the cardan hinge.
9. Turn off a hinge bolt.
10. Turn off two top bolts and two lower nuts and remove a column.


1. Check existence of deformation of a shaft, integrity of safety two-conical connection, if necessary replace a column.
2. Check a condition of bearings and plugs, side plays of a shaft and hinges.
3. At the slightest signs of wear and damages replace a column.
4. Measure column length from an end face to a hinge pin.
5. If length does not meet standard, then replace a column.


1. Put on a cover and a sealant a column, fix a sealant by a collar (if it is provided).
2. Establish a column and enter into the cardan hinge so that the collar bolt at a wraparound rested against dredging on a shaft on the shlitsevy termination of a shaft.
3. Tighten two top bolts and two lower nuts with the set moment.
4. Tighten a bolt of the cardan hinge.
5. Put on a cover and tighten three nuts (on a part of cars).
6. Put on a cover a cover and fix by a collar.
7. Install the lower panel.
8. Attach the socket to the ignition switch.
9. Install lever switches.
10. Establish a wheel.
11. Connect the battery to weight.