12.9. Wheel


The present description does not belong to cars with a safety cushion.


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Expose wheels in the provision of driving on a straight line.
3. On a wheel with 2 spokes remove the central slip, remove the panel of a sound signal, having disconnected latches the screw-driver inserted between a wheel and the panel.
4. On a wheel with 3 spokes disconnect a collar the screw-driver inserted into deepening of the lower spoke.
5. Carefully hook the central slip for bottom edge, disconnect other latches and remove a slip.
6. On a wheel with 4 spokes release screws in the basis of a nave and remove a slip.
7. Disconnect wires of a sound signal.
8. Unscrew the wire arm screw (on a part of cars).
9. Designate the provision of a wheel on a shaft (the arrow specified a tag of provision of a wheel on a shaft).
10. Turn off a nut.
11. Remove a wheel from shaft shlits, having turned in the parties and having pulled on itself, or a stripper.


1. Grease surfaces of details of an automatic otklyuchatel of the index of turn and a contact ring of a sound signal.
2. The wheel is established upside-down.
3. Previously be convinced that the automatic otklyuchatel is on average situation, otherwise breakage of the switch of turns is possible.
4. If necessary establish a wheel so that spokes were symmetrized concerning the car.