2.2.4. Check of level of liquid of a hydraulic actuator of brakes


During the work do not allow hit of brake fluid in eyes. Avoid hit of liquid on the painted surfaces, you store liquid in hermetically closed container.

1. The main cylinder of brakes and its tank are mounted on the vacuum amplifier in a motor compartment. On a nutritious tank of the main brake cylinder risks between which there has to be liquid level are caused.
2. If it is necessary to add liquid, wipe and turn off a tank stopper. In a tank of the main cylinder of brakes add only liquid of the recommended brand, mixing of liquids of various brands is not allowed as brakes can fail.
3. At a liquid dolivaniye, it is necessary to check existence of pollution of liquid in a tank. If there is a deposit of dirt or large particles, then liquid should be merged and replaced.
4. After restoration of level densely wrap a tank stopper.
5. Slow lowering of the level of liquid because of wear of brake slips is allowed. If frequent addition of brake fluid is required, then in a hydraulic actuator of system there is a leak which should be eliminated immediately.