2.2.6. Check of level of liquid in automatic transmission

1. Make a short trip to warm up transmission liquid up to the working temperature then install the car on the flat platform. Level of transmission liquid is checked by the probe which is located in a forward part of a motor compartment, directly under the ignition distributor (the distributor is mounted in the left part of a head of cylinders).
2. Transfer the engine to the idling mode, put the lever of the selector in position "P" ("parking"). Get the probe from a branch pipe of the measuring instrument and wipe dry with pure rags or brown paper. Insert the probe into place against the stop into a branch pipe, then get the probe. Determine level by the provision of a film of liquid, having paid attention to two sets of marks of level in the probe. On the one hand the probe there are marks of the top and lower level for cold liquid (these marks are designated by "cold" and are put in the form of cuts on an edge of the probe). It is possible to determine level by these tags at a temperature of liquid of t 30 to 50 °C. From the opposite side of the probe there are top and lower marks "hot" put in the form of hyphens by which liquid level is determined at a temperature from 50 ° to 80 °C. On heated-up transmission level should be determined on tags of "hot".
3. It is necessary to add liquid in transmission (if necessary) through a measuring instrument branch pipe, having inserted a funnel with the thin metal gauze not to spill liquid and to exclude hit of foreign impurity. It is necessary to add liquid until level is not established between the top and lower tags of the probe for the corresponding temperature range.


Level of liquid has to be always below the top mark, excess gas station is forbidden.

4. Upon termination of make a short trip that liquid was evenly distributed on the internal volume of transmission, then again check level and if necessary add liquid.
5. Always support liquid level between the top and lower marks for the corresponding temperature range. Falling of level below the lower mark can become the reason of various malfunctions and even serious breakages of transmission.