2.2.5. Check of level of liquid in the power steering

Marks for measurement of level of liquid in a steering hydraulic actuator

1. Range of "NOTES" (for heated liquid)

2. Range of "COLD" (for cold liquid)

The nutritious tank of the hydraulic booster of steering is on the right side of a motor compartment, from the forward party of a cap of a rack of a forward suspension bracket.

1. For check of level of liquid install the car on the flat platform. Wheels have to is in the provision of driving on a straight line. The engine has to be stopped. Consider that from the moment of an engine stop the wheel should not turn, otherwise check will yield incorrect result.
2. Level of liquid is checked by the probe which is built in in a tank mouth stopper. Wipe a mouth and a surface around it, then turn out a stopper and check liquid level on the probe. If liquid temperature from 50 ° to 80 °C (on the car the trip in the usual mode was made), then level has to be measured in probe range with the mark "HOT". At a temperature of liquid from 0 ° to 30 °C (after a trip there passed rather long time and the engine managed to cool down) level has to be measured in the range of "COLD".
3. If necessary fill a tank to the mark "MAX", adding only liquid of the recommended brand. Take measures not to allow hit in hydraulic system of particles of dirt or other foreign particulates, it is also impossible to pour liquid above the top mark. After restoration of level, wrap a cover. Consider that if the frequent dolivaniye of liquid is required, then in a hydraulic actuator there is a leak which has to be immediately eliminated.