2.2.8. Check of level of oil in the manual transmission

1. Install the car on a plain surface. Level of oil should be checked either before a trip, or not less than 5 min. later after an engine stop. If to check level at once after a trip, then the considerable mistake is possible because a part of oil is on walls of a case and on check point details. For convenience come around on a viewing hole, a platform, or install the car on supports, having tracked that the car settled down horizontally.
2. Wipe dry a case near an aspic stopper (and at the same time control) openings which is in a forward part of the check point. Turn off a stopper and clear.
3. Level of oil has to reach bottom edge of a jellied opening. A small amount of oil will be collected behind an end face of a stopper and during its removal will flow out. However, the thin stream at a reversing of a stopper is not an indicator of normal level of oil.
4. To be convinced that the level of oil corresponds to normal wait for the termination of an effluence of oil a thin stream, then add oil so far the stream of oil will not appear again. Level of oil will meet standard when the oil leak from an opening stops. Add only fresh oil of the recommended type.
5. It is necessary to wait a sufficient long time that the level of oil reached the real point. If when checking level the large volume of oil which should be filled follows, then wrap a stopper and make a small trip. At a trip oil gets into all details, being evenly distributed on the internal volume of the check point. After a trip repeat check of level, previously having waited that oil completely flew down from check point details.
6. If oil level in the check point exceeds norm and oil begins to follow right after a stopper otvorachivaniye, check horizontal position of an arrangement of the car (in the longitudinal and cross directions). If necessary add excess amount of oil which at alignment of the car will flow down in the substituted capacity.
7. If level is normal, then wrap a stopper and tighten with the set moment.