65637bd9 Crankshaft pulley


1. Take off auxiliary belts of the drive.
2. If necessary expose the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT.
3. To exclude turn of the crankshaft at an otvorachivaniye of a bolt of a pulley include the highest transfer and ask the assistant to press a brake pedal to the full. If the bolt turns away on the removed engine, then record a flywheel adaptation (cm. subsection
4. Turn off a bolt and remove a pulley from the crankshaft. If the spline of a pulley has free landing, then remove a spline and you store together with a pulley.


1. Establish a spline (if acted).
2. Combine a pulley flute with a spline, dress a pulley on the crankshaft and wrap a bolt with a washer.
3. Fix the crankshaft from a provorachivaniye and tighten a bolt with the set moment.
4. Put on belts and adjust a tension.