65637bd9 Oil pallet

Putting sealant on the pallet plane

1. Flute

2. Opening

3. Inside


1. Put the car on the emergency brake, then lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Unscrew screws and remove a plastic guard under the engine.
3. Merge oil from the engine.
4. Disconnect a reception pipe of the muffler.
5. Turn off bolts and remove the small props connecting the check point to the block of cylinders on both sides of the engine (shooters specified places of fastening of a forward prop).
6. Turn off bolts and nuts of the oil pallet.
7. Open with blows of a palm consolidation of the pallet, lower the pallet and get from under the car.
8. Turn off two bolts and remove an oil receiver with the filter of rough cleaning and ring laying.
9. Wash out the filter of rough cleaning in solvent and check existence of contaminations or damages. At any signs of damages replace an oil receiver assembled with the filter.


1. Clear the demountable planes of the pallet and block of cylinders of the consolidation remains, then wipe absolutely the pallet and the internal surfaces of the engine.
2. In a flute of an oil receiver lay new ring laying (it is specified by an arrow), establish an oil receiver and tighten bolts.
3. Clear the demountable planes and apply sealant on the flute stamped on the center of the condensed surface of the pallet between openings and also from that party of openings under bolts which is turned inside (see rice. Putting sealant on the pallet plane).
4. Install the pallet on hairpins, tighten nuts and bolts with the set moment.
5. Establish check point props, tighten bolts.
6. Establish a reception pipe of the muffler.
7. Establish plastic guards under the engine.
8. Fill in fresh oil in the engine, replace the filter.