13:11. Internal panel of a door

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. On cars with a manual window regulator hook the handle the thin tool and remove from latches. Remove a slip.
3. Carefully hook and remove an overlay of the internal handle of the lock.
4. Get caps and unscrew screws of the decorative handle, hook and remove the handle.
5. For access to the screw remove from an armrest the window regulator switch (or a guard) and unscrew the screw.
6. Unscrew other screws on a panel contour (which part is under caps).
7. On cars of a compartment unscrew fastening screws on the window regulator switch.
8. Disconnect spring latches on a panel contour, raise the panel and remove from a bracket.
9. Give the panel on yourself and disconnect sockets of the electric drive of a window regulator and the central lock. The lower sealant of a window opening is executed with the panel at the same time and has to be removed together to it.
10. If necessary remove the water protective plastic screen, having hooked in a corner and it is accurate отслоив. Try to keep screen sealant.

11. The panel is installed upside-down. Glue the screen on all contour of a door. The lower sealant of a window has to enter a door framework.