13.8. Cowl lock drive cable

Removal and installation

1. Open a cowl.
2. Carefully displace a forward decorative lattice and get a cable from brackets.
3. Turn off three bolts and remove the lock.
4. Pull for a spring and disconnect a cable from the lock lever.
5. On a part of cars turn out a bracket of fastening of a cable.
6. From salon turn out the screw of the side decorative panel in a niche of legs of the driver. Get a latch and disconnect a sealant from an edge of the panel, get the panel.
7. Unscrew two screws and remove the lever.
8. Get a cable from brackets and extend in a motor compartment. For simplification of assembly it is recommended to fix a rope on the route of a cable. On a part of cars for access to a cable it is required to remove and take aside some details.
9. The cable is established upside-down. Upon termination of check operation of the lock.