13.5. Front bumper


1. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Turn out screws (a photo at the left) and remove the lower mudguards (a photo on the right).
Cars sedan and hatchback
3. Unscrew screws in wheel niches and disconnect the top part of a bumper from a body.
4. Unscrew screws and disconnect the lower part of a bumper from props.
5. Working under the car, turn off 4 bolts of fastening of arms of a bumper to longerons.
6. On a part of cars disconnect latches which the plastic section of a bumper fastens to the lower forward panel of a body.
7. Disconnect the battery from weight, open sockets of fog lights (if are provided).
8. Remove a bumper (shooter), having pulled on themselves and get arms.
9. If necessary disconnect a plastic overlay of a bumper, having got latches.
Cars with a compartment body
10. Disconnect latches and get panels of protection of wings on both sides.
11. Disconnect latches which the lower part of a spoiler fastens to a body and arms.
12. Turn off bolts of fastening of the top part of a spoiler.
13. Disconnect the battery from weight, open sockets of fog lights.
14. Carefully remove a spoiler from a bumper.
15. From arches of wheels turn off 5 nuts of fastening of a bumper to a forward part of wings.
16. Turn off and get bolts from the top part of a bumper.
17. Remove a bumper.
18. If necessary turn off bolts (working from below under a forward part of a wing) and remove a bumper framework with a buffer slip.


The bumper is established upside-down.