13:16. Lock of a trunk lid (sedan)

Removal and installation

1. Disconnect latches on a contour of a cover and remove the internal panel.
2. Disconnect latches from a lock cover.
3. Get and take away the socket of the switch of illumination of a luggage carrier in a cover.
4. Turn off two bolts and get the lock from a cover.
5. Take away draft, having turned a key in the lock, and pass the switch socket.
6. Disunite the socket and remove the lock.
7. Put the lock upside-down.
Luggage carrier lock switch
1. Remove the decorative panel.
2. Get a lock ring and disconnect draft of the drive of the lock from the switch.
3. Get a bracket and remove the switch.
Install the switch upside-down. Install the switch upside-down.
1. Disconnect a sealant and a slip.
2. Remove an overlay of a rug.
3. Designate the provision of a clamp, turn off two bolts, get a clamp and disconnect a lock drive cable from the lever.
4. Establish a clamp upside-down. before installation of a slip check operation of the lock.