2.3.10. Check of the exhaust system

1. Check a condition of the exhaust system, beginning from the engine to terminal section. Carry out check on the cold engine, not less than 1 hour later after a trip. For check it is the best of all to raise the engine to provide easy access to all details of system.
2. In the absence of the elevator lift the car and establish on supports.
3. Check existence on exhaust pipes and on connections of signs of leak of exhaust gases, strong corrosion and mechanical damages. Be convinced of reliability of fastening and integrity of all arms and support of exhaust pipes. Places of leak of exhaust gases can be found usually on a soot raid.
4. Strong knocks from the exhaust system are usually caused by unreliable fastening of exhaust pipes on arms and support. Shake pipes with mufflers. If pipes and mufflers come to contact with details of a suspension bracket or with the body bottom, then replace fastening details, or at an opportunity, separate pipes and turn them from each other to provide sufficient distance from other details.